Slide 1 BeLife is a drink for those who expect more from their soft drink. BeLife Drinks

Refreshing. Natural. Delicious.

BeLife offers you and your body what it needs every moment. When you need refreshment or fill your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, to strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion, or just need hydration.


At BeLife, we are aware that hydration is important throughout the year, not just in the summer. That’s why we strive to create a drink that refreshes you throughout the year and gives your body extra nutrients.



BeLife drinks are BIO certified. Despite the fact that we prepare drinks from BIO ingredients, we still carefully choose them and pay attention to quality. Only the best ingredients can create the best products.



BeLife drink is NOT aggressive, sweet or artificial in taste. We want everyone to enjoy our drinks, so when developing a taste, we make sure that the taste of the drink suits a wider circle of people.

BeLife Product Family

Our vision is to create healthy products that bring well-being to your body.
We have been following our core vision: Be Life in the real sense of these two words. The ingredients and the way we create the final product are the result of knowledge and understanding of the ingredients and their behavior on our body.

Who is BeLife?

BeLife is the first Slovenian kombucha brewery, the largest in SW Europe. The tradition dates back to 2018, when Mirza and Zlatan sold their first bottles of BeLife kombucha.

Family values

Kombucha helped our father overcome the disease. This additionally encouraged us to open our own professional production.

Professional production

In our production we follow the latest technologies in the industry, in which we ensure quality fermentation and safe products.

The story

Mirza dropped out of university  to follow his passion and set up a kombucha production. Today, Mirza is dedicated to quality and product development, and Zlatan runs the company.


Suitable for vegans

BeLife products are suitable for vegans.

Nizka vsebnost sladkorja

Low sugar content

Our drinks contain less than 2.5 g of sugar per 100 ml.

Brez dodanih konzervansov

No added preservatives

We do not add preservatives to BeLife products, as we create a healthy environment for the stability of drinks with kombucha in the drink.

Rahlo gazirano

Slightly carbonated

BeLife Kombucha is slightly carbonated, which gives it an even more refreshing taste and is a great alternative to other sweet carbonated drinks.

Brez dodanih barvil

No added colorants

The color of BeLife drinks is as natural as the ingredients used in its preparation.

Tradicionalna fermentacija

Traditional fermentation

We don’t use shortcuts to our fermentation. We still ferment kombucha by the traditional way.

History of BeLifeDrinks

BeLife is a family owned company that has been following its mission since 2018. However the story began a little earlier.

Mirza meets kombucha for first time

Mirza visited his brother Zlatan in Gran Canaria and there Zlatan introduced him to kombucha. Upon arriving home, Mirza began to ferment his own kombucha and over time began selling it to neighbors.

Mirza meets kombucha for first time in Gran Canaria, Spain

Establishment of BeLife Company

Mirza establishes the company BeLife d.o.o., develops professional production and officially starts to sell first bottles of BeLife Kombucha.

Turpis at cum nec netus viverra parturient integer a accumsan fermentum.
May 12th

Hit product Start-ep Slovenija 2019

In the 4th Season Startaj Slovenija, BeLife was the first Slovenian kombucha introduced to the Spar retail chain customers and won a title of Hit product.

The moment they won a contest

Opening of new production 2020

Despite the corona crisis, we followed our path and plan of opening our new production facilities that follow the highest production standards in our industry.

Prepared for new victories

BeLife production becomes BIO and according to IFS standard 2021

In the desire for quality products according to the highest possible standards, we have introduced two important certificates into our production: BIO and IFS certificate.

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