Meet our kombucha!

Fermented just below the Kamnik-Savinja Alps near natural springs of water and clean air with 2000m high mountain peaks that surround us.

Our Kombucha is fermented with ORGANIC green tea and ORGANIC sugar, naturally and traditionally. The yeast converts sugar in kombucha, into ethanol and carbon dioxide, and bacteria convert ethanol into acetic acid with the help of theine in tea.

Our kombucha is always controlled during the fermentation process, so the alcohol content is the lowest possible, therefore we can offer you a non-alcoholic beverage.

At the end of the fermentation of the kombucha cycle for a flavor we add an infusion of tea and ORGANIC fruit teas, herbal teas, or real teas.

Just before filling, the kombucha is stabilized by lightly adding carbon dioxide to ensure the kombucha is stable.

Because we believe we can enjoy low-sugar soft drinks that are low in sugar, all of our kombuchas have a sugar content of less than 2.5g per 100ml.

Enjoy a natural drink that will refresh you every moment of the day, regardless of the time of year.


In our selection you will find: